Like Meatloaf through a Straw: Understanding the Web 2.0 soap opera this week

December 15, 2006 — 5 Comments

If you’re like 99.999999999% of the population who are struggling to keep up with this weeks Web 2.0 soap opera, let me humbly present the solution to your problems. Compliments of and far too long stuffing around on MS Publisher (I don’t have access at the moment to InDesign, I’ll need to fix that), I present the Web 2.0 soap opera graph. It’s too large to put into a jpg, or convert into html, so as long as you’re able to read a PDF document enjoy. I’d note that it is a short and brief version, to fit every single last thing that has been said and done this week onto a chart would require atleast an A1 sized document…and they don’t present to well on most computers 🙂



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