Lonelygirl15 is a fraud

September 11, 2006

The SMH reports that Lonelygirl15, one of YouTubes biggest stars is a fraud….interesting given the debate over at Digg lately. Of course some people will say money is the root cause of all evil here, but I’d argue differently, because it’s not directly rewarding people for their efforts that causes the corruption in the first place, after all it’s poverty or low pay that corrupts in 99% of cases, and although the wealthy my get greedy it’s statistically insignificant compared to the have nots….and things are only going to get worse before they get better.

Food for thought.

3 responses to Lonelygirl15 is a fraud

  1. It’s like I’m watching a soap opera. 🙂 Nevertheless, whether she’s true or not, she entertains me.

  2. Regular YouTube users had pointed out for ages why they thought it was obvious LG15 was a fraud before it became “official”. Some were clutching at straws (saying the lighting was too good is hardly conclusive) but the biggest giveaway for me was life simply doesn’t follow a story arc like this. It was too “Dawson’s Creek”.

    I’m fascinated to see what they think they were going to achieve with this given they were guaranteed a huge backlash for lying to people. They can dress it up as “art” as much as they like but it was essentially a lie. This might show whether all publicity really is good publicity.

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