Looking for some Australian blogs

April 16, 2007

Now I’m hooked on Google reader, I’ve started subscribing to more and more Australian blogs…what I’d really like to have is a dedicated “Australian Blogs” category, but so far the pickings are pretty slim. I’ve got most of the 2web guys in my feeds, and others I’ve met along the way (in person), but if you’re an Australian blogger who I might not have included, let me know, email or comments. I’ve ignored the Australian blogosphere for far to long and I want to read more, know more, and promote more!

PS: while I’m at it, anyone interested in an Australian Blogging Conference still? We got close there for a while but it was canceled. If I can find 5-6 interested parties I’ll start organising it my self, and I’ll even try to not have it in WA. Jetstar flies Perth-Melbourne so put Melb on the shortlist 🙂

36 responses to Looking for some Australian blogs

  1. I am from Australia, but rarely in the country much – a real traveling blogger.

  2. In Melbourne, but not blogging that much lately (I do have a separate blog for my amateur astronomy hobby at http://www.netwhatever.com/astrodownunder/ )

  3. Still interested in a conference, Duncan. Don’t think I’ll do any more “definitely on” blog posts till I’m there and it’s happening 🙂 Perth would be great but I suspect we’ll get more people in Melbourne. When would you think it would happen?

  4. I don’t always feel like a ‘real’ blogger(whatever that is), but my site at least looks and acts like one…
    Bloggers conference would be fun, and if I could combine it with a trip to Melbourne in a time of year that tickets are affordable, I might go…

    I’m subscribed to about 100 aussie blogs, though 95% from Perth, and probably about 50% only updated weekly, if even (some not in months….)
    I don’t think our interests overlap much, but let me know if you’d be interested in knowing some of my favourites.

  5. I’m in australia, but I don’t really blog that much about australian events.

  6. Aussie blog, might be of interest.

    Conference, if in Melbourne I’ll be there and up for helping.

  7. We are out there, http://www.buggerall.com.au/tags/ has a fairly big list, or http://theaustralianindex.com/

    A blogging conference would be great, if we could get enough people on board.

  8. I’m interested, in Melbourne, and an avid blogger. And I found out today am listed in the Top 100 Aussie bloggers on Craig Harpers site – I’m excited! That was my goal a year or more ago Duncan when I saw your Australian A-list post and asked where all the women were? By the way, I have 10 blogs to my name now and am a co-writer for a few others.

  9. It depends on what type of blogs you’re looking for I guess, but The Australian Index is a starting point. Have to wade through heaps of blogs there though.

    I’m an Aussie (Adelaide) blogger and have been blogging for 3 years now. Your post caught my eye because I too am hooked on Google Reader which I find has enabled me to read loads more blogs.

    Am interested in hearing about an Australian blogging conference in Melbourne.

  10. I blog at http://blog.acidlabs.org. It’s primarily a commentary on culture and tech issues associated with my work as a freelance information architecture and usability consultant. Not always 100 per cent on message. Sometimes contains “you have to see this” posts.

  11. Another Australian blogger here. I’m from Sydney. Been blogging seriously for a couple of months. I’ve been trying to make some contacts with other Aussie bloggers but being as busy as I have been it’s been slow going.

    Like Ian, I don’t really blog that often about Australian topics, but I’d still like to to connect with fellow Aussie bloggers..

  12. Just reading Dan’s message – I can’t really say that my blogs have Australian content as such – they’re more based on themes or topics related to business or personal interests. It’s just that I live in Australia so that means they have an Aussie flavour. The nearest to Australian content would be my family blog as that has local photos and information on it about things happeniing in and around home.

  13. Duncan – I’ll definitely put my hand up for a blogging conference in Melbourne – Poor, old Des keeps getting burned talking one up every few months. 🙂

    I’m definitely interested in knowing more about the Aussie b’sphere – as you’d know Duncan, I’m looking at doing something more “local” in blogging terms. But damn it’s hard to get a picture of we’re we are at. I’ve been researching this to death for months now and am still no closer as to whether it’s feasible.

    My guess is that there are lots of Aussie bloggers out there, but their target audience is overseas.

    The research continues… 😉

    And good on you, mate, for bringing this topic up.

  14. There’s always Planet Linux Australia (http://planet.linux.org.au/) and Metroblogging Melbourne (http://melbourne.metblogs.com/)
    (yes, am syndicated there, hence the mention…)

  15. Like Kathie says I try to put a bit of Aussie flavour in my posts. I sometimes think it’s either going over peoples heads or they just think I’m being strange.

    When I’m not so busy I want to start up a true personal blog. But it’s at the end of a rather long todo list. 🙂

  16. >Poor, old Des keeps getting burned talking one up every few months.

    I’m cured, believe me! 🙂

  17. Month two of blogging for me. Based in Sydney. It’s been an interesting experience uncovering the Aussie bloggers out there — sites like buggerall.com.au and theaustralianindex.com have been helpful.

    Would love to connect up with other bloggers face-to-face sometime.

  18. Just saw your latest post so I can see you are aware of it – just got word myself about an hour ago.

  19. Phil
    There is a Sydney Webloggers Meetup Group which meets frequently. Great group of people, very welcoming – details on http://www.meetup.com – link is
    Just make sure you get really clear on the details of how to find them – some people have had a challenge with this, judging by the comments, but I’ve not found it too difficult. If in doubt as to where exactly they are in the pub – Arthouse Hotel – ask the staff.

  20. Thanks Des for the tip.

  21. if you’re looking for Australian blogs, you should check out The Australian Index

  22. Sarah
    Looks interesting. Can’t see any sign of who owns/runs it and the contact form is completely anonymous. Do you know whose directory it is?

  23. not totally sure who runs it, but the person behind it usually replies when sent something through the contact form.

  24. Jacques Chester May 21, 2007 at 9:29 am

    I’d second the Australian Index. Also if you can stand us, there’s the Club Troppo Missing Link “catchment”, which is available as an OPML file: http://clubtroppo.com.au/about-missing-link/

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