Maybe Next Time

October 16, 2007

Just for the record I’ve decided not to run for the DLP at this election. I think when it comes down to it that I’ve enjoyed my time out of politics too much, and certainly becoming political again risks damaging the great relationships I’ve built up in the last 2 years, and @simone comes to mind 🙂

I’m also not time poor at the moment, and running a campaign properly is a full time gig. On one hand I’ve always passionately believed in the civic good, and the individuals ability to make a difference, on the other hand at 32 I’m building my own business, writing for the bible of Web 2.0 and enjoying my working life more than I ever have before…which oddly enough before coincides with my time involved in politics.

I’ve got a podcast lined up this week with an old friend of mine Wade McInerney on the election, and depending on how that goes I’ll look at  forum discussion and/ or podcast the week prior to the election, but aside from the odd observation that’s it for me this year.

My thanks to the many people who encouraged me in considering running, and for your different opinions for and against.

BTW: you should vote for the LDP in the Senate in particular: Australia needs a good libertarian voice to counter the mad socialism of the Greens and the Religious socialism of Family First on the cross benches. If you’re in Queensland vote Democrat in the senate only because Andrew Bartlett gets new media and blogging: I don’t agree with most of the Democrats platform but Bartlett is definitely one of the good guys.

3 responses to Maybe Next Time

  1. Thanks for the plug Duncan – much appreciated. I think if we could drop more of the ‘culture wars’ style of ‘debate’ in Australian politics, we might all realise we often have more in common than we realise. I’m not being all naive and hippy-like about it, cos sometimes people genuinely disagree very strongly on key issues – its just we’d do much better at getting to the nub of the genuine disagreements if we could cut through the labelling and rhetorical stuff. New media bloggng can both help and hinder this.

    By the way, I know you mean LDP in your endorsement at the end, but did you mean DLP or LDP at the top?

  2. Yeah, that’s all we need Duncan, a bunch of high definition TVs and projectors running around the election trail.

  3. Gggrrrrr…. 🙁

    (from the Qld LDP candidate)