Michelle Leslie is a fraud…surprise, surprise

May 29, 2006 — 1 Comment

michelleleslieConvicted Australian drug possessor Michelle Leslie has at last fessed up to being a fraud: wearing a burqa whilst in Indonesia was all part of a ploy to garner sympathy, and the whole “I’m a muslim girl” thing was basically a crock of sh*t.

Leslie’s excuse: she feared being raped in prison so so put on a burqa, which apparently is Indonesian for chastity belt.

It get’s better. She still claims she is a muslim, but not a practicing muslim….we’ll I’ll never…I always though wearing underwear on stage was some new modern form of Islam 🙂

And you wonder why Australian’s get such a bad name in Indonesia. Drug smugglers who deny smuggling drugs despite the fact pretty much the whole family is in jail on drugs charges (Shappelle Corby), and now pretending to be a Muslim for sympathy….

(in parts via The Spin Starts Here and News.com.au)