More on Blogdesk from Johannes Oppermann

May 4, 2006 — 8 Comments

BlogDesk-buttonI’ve been using Blogdesk for a couple of days now, and for once in my life I can actually feel my blogging productivity increase, mainly because I can quickly copy, cut and edit an image into any blog post, to any of my blogs, along with what I’ve got to say on the story.

I asked Johannes Oppermann, the German based author of Blogdesk, a few quick questions, and this was his response:

I wrote BlogDesk because blogging is about communication and I like the idea to enable people to communicate (one of my other programs is the mail client PostMe). Blogging seems to be easy, but it’s only easy for geeks and the younger tech-generation. I know a lot of people that could never publish a photo with WordPress – but they can do using BlogDesk. When I develop a new program I always think of my 70 year old dad – he has to be able to work with my program.

Why do I give it away for free? I don’t like selling

Again, I’m not being paid for this plug, but I’m loving Blogdesk mainly because of it’s imaging editing abilities. It doesn’t work with all blog clients, but well…technorati tags, image editing, categories…everything I’d ever want…well pretty much close to it. So give it a try! it’s well worth it, and I’m some one who has never felt comfortable with blogging tools like this.