Mrs Robinson Threatens To Sue

January 6, 2008 — 5 Comments

If it’s not enough that the Government may well end up censoring my blog, Australia’s favourite censorship loon Deborah Robinson is now threatening to sue me for libel (here).

As I said in the last post: she is publishing press releases from a group that has a message of hate. At the time of writing she has chosen not to detail exactly which parts of the Australian Family Association’s beliefs she does or doesn’t believe in. It is not for I to suggest that by association she herself is a homophobic bigot, but certainly if I was to start say posting press releases from far-right groups people may come to the conclusion that I might be, by association, a hater as well. It is a natural presumption to make, but again it is not for I to make that presumption nor would I print such an accusation. I’d note: I said she is supporting haters by running their press releases, and as a fact this cannot be regarded a libel.

Funnily enough one of Deborah Robinson’s favourite phrases against those who disagree with her is that they have no credibility. My dear: you wouldn’t know the meaning of the word, and certainly by quoting nutters like the AFA what any credibility you once had was just flushed down the shitter.

BTW: Mom’s Blogging Carnival folks, how do you guys feel about providing links to a site that runs media releases from the AFA, particularly given the AFA is anti womens choice, anti feminism and just full of hate?

Update: she now claims she only supports the AFA on the one issue. So be it, but she’s still got the press release up. Oh, and she threatened to sue again.

Update2: Deborah has now removed the post and has asked privately for a truce. As long as there’s no further volleys back from her side I’ve agree to it. My energy is better directed at the Government anyway. My many, many thanks to those who have offered support with this. It shows that channeled together we might still have a chance of saving free speech in Australia