Nailing MSN

March 24, 2005

Time for a little blego on my little posted to personal blog: The Blog Herald just achieved its first No.1 placement on a major search engine for our key search term: “Blog News”, on MSN.

It’s currently sitting at No. 2 on Google for the term behind the pesky, useless, computer generated Topix, but this is up from positions as low as 4 in the last 6 months, and more importantly, like MSN, puts the Blog Herald ahead of its main competitors, of which I admit there aren’t a lot, and I’d like to stay that way for ever! :-)

Yahoo! still maintains its position as the dumbest of the Top 3 search engines, continuing to return Blogger at 1 and Dave Winers Scripting News at 2, neither of which deal specifically with blog news. Topix sneaks in at 3 yet Google News is listed at 4! The poor old Blog Herald sits at 8. I might need to sharpen up my Yahoo! SEO reading over easter, but then again, who needs Yahoo! when you’ve got Google and MSN.

The search engine in the spotlight at the moment Ask Jeeves isn’t even worth asking, returning the Blog Herald at 7 after 6 non-blog news related sites.

Enjoy Easter everyone!