Name this city

April 21, 2006 — 4 Comments

It’s 6:15pm at night. All the shops are closed. Gangs are fighting outside the closed shops in the main mall amongst themselves, screaming and kicking. A single police car sits at one end of the mall, two officers sitting inside watching but not acting. The few remaining office workers who dared leave their trip to so late scurry along the edges of the mall, try to make their way to the Cities major rail station without making eye contact with the clearly drug or alcohol affected gangs.

The City.

Me, I’ve don’t think I’ve been this sh*t scared in a long time (if ever to be honest). I scurried along behind one of the office workers at a brisk pace and despite initially intending on walking around a bit to find a decent feed, I noticed that the Hungry Jacks (Australian version of Burger King) was open, so I quickly made my way in their, to eat some crap food and wait for the gangs to pass.

For those of you in Perth, I actually felt safer when I got to the Blog Meetup in Northbridge….and that really says something doesn’t it.