New Coat of Paint

March 15, 2006

Yep, new server (on the b5media one now), and new coat of paint. Thanks to the people who offered to redesign it, in particular Jesse (who needs to send me the best link for her). The blog has sort of joined the b5media stable so I could essentially cheat and tweak the b5media template, which makes things a whole lot more easier 🙂

9 responses to New Coat of Paint

  1. pretty slick looking, all in all.

    (who needs to send me the best link for her)

    Just curious, but did you realize I am, in fact, male?

  2. Wow, Duncy! Love the design and great fonts too… Who designed this??

    One more thing, please give some importance to
    1) 800×600
    2) Site’s View with images disabled

    Finally the content column is too small dude. Try making it wider and the other columns smaller.

    Love the aussie pic but too big!

  3. Chrono:

    Good luck with that. This whole template is based off of images. The top part is one image, and the whole middle of it is a repeating image. It’s also designed at a fixed width of 870 pixels (I think)…in short, those two things are the entire template.

  4. @Jesse: Understood! I just wanted the content column to be wider, tis all. But as ^ Said, it really is slick.

    Did you design it??

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