Nichenet Turns 10

November 13, 2009 — 5 Comments

Roughly 10 years ago (the exact date I don’t recall, except that I’m sure it was 99) I registered my first business name: Nichenet.

Two business name registrations later and Nichenet became Nichenet Pty Ltd in around late 2006-2007.

The name came about when I was asked to pitch for the design of a website. I couldn’t pitch as an individual, so I had to come up with a company name. I didn’t win the contract, although we were shortlisted.

I’m not overly superstitious, but I know of two superstitions: one is that horses with 7 letters in their name have a higher strike rate in Australian racing…it’s why so many horse names have 7 letters. The other one was that in China, 8 is considered lucky.

The latter won because nichenet has 8 letters.

It’s a name that I still don’t own the .com for, but none the less one that I’ve been happy to stick by over the years, because most of what I’ve done has been niche….hence the name

Time flies fast when you’re having fun, and I would never have thought in 99 that 10 years later that Nichenet would be the company behind a fairly successful blog and that I’ve been working online exclusively for nearly 5 years.

So far,so good.