Office 2007 beta available without download in Australia…just a shame about the magazine attached to it

July 11, 2006 — 3 Comments

I’m currently giving Office 2007 beta a whirl (a pile of work on at the moment as well) after I noticed it came for free with the July addition of APC. More on that soon, but if you want a copy and don’t want to download it, most newsagents in Australia stock the magazine. Of course the downside is the magazine itself…. a totally boring read..I’ve found I prefer PC World Australia a bit more in terms of reading, but I still miss

A discussion came up about this on Cam’s blog a while back (sorry, no direct link to the comments on the post..Cam doesn’t have a search box…) and a number of people expressed the same sentiment…then someone else came along and said well why didn’t we all support the magazine at the time by subscribing to it (I’d been reading it since 1995/1996?? the first edition anyway), simple fact is that the last couple of editions I read were awful…they totally messed up what was once a great magazine and I’d actually stopped buying it by the time…and then it just disappeared…obviously many others felt the same way, but I still miss the good old version of it, sure, half the news was out of date by the time it hit the news stands, but they’d have interesting how tos, they’d review interesting sites (including reader sites, I had a review way back in Oct 96!)…it was just something that I enjoyed buying and looked forward to once a month (and I’m not a big buyer of magazines)….oh for the want of a decent Australian Internet Magazine once more 🙂


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