Podcasting, MP3 Players Stealing Radio’s Audience

April 13, 2006

Gotta love these stats. And it’s true. Aside from playing Club977 on the dedicated PVR box when I want to listen to some 80’s music, I’m listening to podcasts….well I was before the iPod got packed in a box…anyone know what box it’s in 🙂

Podcasting News:

27% of people 12-24 attribute their reduced use of radio to MP3 use; 22% attributed it to tired radio programming; 3% attributed it to podcast listening.

“The days of top market – top station margins in the 40% range are numbered. Expect those hot stations to fall into the 30% range and the entire industry on average to fall lower,” adds Van Dyke. “Wall Street and corner offices will be readjusting their expectations on performance and having to swallow that pill happily knowing it is the only real operational option left.”