Recapturing the Joy of Blogging

March 23, 2006

Darren at Problogger points to Paul Chaney on the joy of blogging. I completely understand where Paul is coming from. I’ve found that I actually enjoy alot of the other aspects of blogging as well, like site design and what not, which is why I’m spending more time doing that now with b5media and blogging less. But now I’m blogging here because it’s fun again! I can only hope it lasts.

2 responses to Recapturing the Joy of Blogging

  1. Totally with you. I go through cycles of loving some blogs, then hating them. It’s hard to get through the times when writing them is not fun. I find that comments on the blogs keep me going and reinspire me, but when they are low, I tend to lose motivation.

    For me, blogging is about the people. Without the feedback in some form, the blog becomes stagnant.