Scoble does Pay Per Post

April 12, 2007


And yet on the other hand, not surprising. Scoble does a sponsored post, after flipping from being one of the biggest critics against paid posting, to being the head speaker at the Pay Per Post postie-con.

Again, as I’ve said previously, I’m not dead against PPP as many others are, it’s not my thing personally, but I don’t begrudge others doing it. Of course Scoble will say that he wasn’t put up to it, and he probably wasn’t, after all, you can’t measure I’ll scratch your back, you’ll scratch mine tangibly, but in my books, there’s not that much difference between Scobles Segate post, and PPP, indeed, the line is really only a personal definition by an “A-Lister” after all. One thing I will say though, having seen some of the PPP posts around the place, Scobles is beyond sickly sweet in comparison, indeed ethically I’d think PPP were on the better side of this one in terms of product endorsement. What will be interesting to see is whether I’m alone in saying that, after all, Scoble is like a sacred fish, no one wants to bite.

One response to Scoble does Pay Per Post

  1. Everything passes, changes, even mutates. Scoble isn’t exclusion. Maybe popularity or money makes do it