Sphere, just another blog search engine.

May 4, 2006 — 4 Comments

All the blogosphere is buzzing about Sphere, the latest kid on the blog search engine block.

Maybe I’ve become sceptical again, but I played with it for a while, its just another blog search engine, and I honestly don’t think it’s quite at the Technorati level yet. Pretty to look at, for sure, but outside of the nice look, I couldn’t find much that was really special.

I’m tempted to start asking people like Michael Arrington and Steve Rubel whether they are actually capable of giving critical press to anything new in Web 2.0.

I mean Tech Crunch and Micro Persuasion are both a good read, but Tech Chrunch in particular appears to be coming the poster boy for hyping every new Web 2.0 tool launch and nearly incapable of giving criticism to any Web 2.0 launch less they start loosing invitations to all the cool Web 2.0 launch parties Michael and the gang get invites to.

Back to my cold and flu tablets now 🙂 A good round up of Sphere can be found over on Greywolfs blog.