Strange emails

May 3, 2007

I’ve starting getting strange emails from people saying how much they love my site and can I look at their Web 2.0 project, probably something to do my new gig at TechCrunch, and not my position in the Top 10 Australian blogs, sorry Meg.

I’m happy for people to email me, but lets drop the pretence that you love when you’ve probably never visited the site. Email is nichenet @ gmail .com. For those who are wondering what “nichenet” is, try an ASIC company search for Nichenet Pty Ltd. Also, I’m told that I can be a lazy prick (well at least she who must be obeyed thinks so) so if you’re sending me an email saying “look at my site” I probably won’t. The more info the better. Zero promises, but I’m always open to new sites, concepts and insider gossip on funding etc…

In the mean time though probably expect a little less activity @, I’ve got a new focus, at least for the time being, something that given a little time will come naturally but for now means head down, bum up in terms of focus. What’s the saying “normal programming will resume….”.

7 responses to Strange emails

  1. Congratulations, Duncan! You’re a great addition to the TechCrunch team.

  2. OMG – Nice gig 🙂 Hearty Congrats!

    And yes, I dare say that would have more bearing 😉

  3. Yep, grats on that. I did wonder when I saw your name pop up as the author on a TC post – thought I was in the wrong feed for a moment! 🙂

  4. Congratulations Duncan. You’re a grat addition to TechCrunch

  5. Mate, did not realise that you were famous/infamous on that grand a scale. Enlighten us how does one get to line up a gig on Tech Crunch???

    Am really, really new to this whole blogging phenomena, that at this juncture, is hitting our shores like a moving Tsunami.

    Anyways, Congrats are in order.


  6. Congrat’s on the role

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