Suddenly 30

September 5, 2005 — 7 Comments

I turned 30 yesterday. As well as doing the usual things one does when turning 30, such as vowing to quit doing bad stuff (such as drinking and regular McOz burgers from McDonalds) as the reality that you are no longer immortal starts to set in, its a good time to reflect.

I can remember that movie from Jennifer Gardner of “suddenly 30″…I saw it last year and I can totally relate. Sometimes I feel like I’ve blinked at where at 1 minute I was 14 now I’m 30. And shit, all the things I would have done differently. And of course I haven’t become a millionare yet so I’ve still got a lot of work to do.

You know I was born when Gough Whitlam was Prime Minister, when Australia still had television licenses and when computers were still run with punchards. What an amazing 30 years. The kids of today have got it so easy. But then again I miss my Amstrad 6218 and writing little programs on it in Basic. I sort of miss the sound of a gigantic dot matrix printer. I miss a time when I could play a computer game for 6 hours straight and not be disturbed.

Oh well. Only another 40-50 odd years to go. Next stop 40.