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I don’t know why I still care. I guess that some small part of me still believes that perhaps Gabe is interested in impartial news and tracking the big stories as opposed to just TechCrunch. However tonight (my time) proves once again how Techmeme is failing the tech community.

As I write this, at 9pm AEST, or 4am PDT Saturday, the biggest story by far in the tech and blogging community is Site Meter enabled sites blocking Internet Explorer users. I don’t use Site Meter, but many do, including the Gawker Media blogs. The Inquisitr had it first and others followed. Here’s the state of play as I write this. Note that both Wired and Mashable have the story, and Mashable links to The Inquisitr.

sitemeter - Google News

Google Blog search has even more blogs

sitemeter - Google Blog Search

And yet Techmeme has nothing. If it isn’t on TechCrunch, it isn’t news. And you can include Mashable and Wired in the not counting list


a close up of the most recent stories


I know, false hope.