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Steve is back, and being the good community minded citizen that I am I’m going to try and translate his latest TechCrunch post.

Consider this a rough translation, because after reading the entire post maybe a dozen times I’m still not 100% sure how the Seque’s are all related or even what Steve is trying to say, but here’s a shot. I’ve bolded the Seques as best as I can spot them. Italics indicate my commentary.

Surviving The Net

TinyURL and social darwanism are at risk from friends and family. Familes have children. Children must be fed first, with bread. Sharing bread is like a business deal. Business is discussed. People who talk must breathe. Breathing is a pedestrian exercise of necessity. If we were computers, our necessities would be “the mechanism would be the interrupt, some input device that triggers a disruption that moves resources to process the incoming data,” (sorry, not idea what this means), computers have calculated rules, and we need rules. Attention requires rules, as do kids, particulrly kids who like makeup. “The Younger Daughter” is better at resource allocation, focusing her needs. Today’s information systems emulate “The Younger Daughter.” A town crier was an early form of RSS. RSS offers new rules, but those rules are breaking down. Who to follow? This breakdown is like prehistoric hunters and gatherers. Sun is addressing this breakdown. Something about open source and a speech no one reading this post would have heard. Sun creates real time maps, which are like central nervous systems. Our bodies are a central feedback loop that needs to process priority signals, like Twitterly. Twitter is the center of the universe, with tinyurl as its underpinning. “TinyURL in the center of that system is the payload that most directly connects to our core instincts for preservation.”

O.M.G. 🙂