Techcrunch rips Zecco

September 23, 2006 — 9 Comments

Techcrunch reviews Zecco. WTF? God help us that there’s a startup with a business plan that actually might meet an unmet niche….oh no, because Techcrunch would much rather hype flash in the pan over capitalised and business plan free startups that create solutions for problems that don’t exist.

But probably more seriously here, who at Zecco doesn’t Mike Arrington like? Is there some past history here? after all, given the usual gushing reviews we normally get, this one is cold and calculated. Sure, they’ve got the Neil Kjeldsen is an expert disclaimer out front, but seriously can we trust someone with a history with paid brokers to be positive about a threat to their industry + this would have had to have been signed off up the line prior to publication as well.