Techmeme quirk

May 11, 2007

Shot taken today. Techmeme pointing to a February post from Tim O’Reilly. Coincidence that I linked to it at TechCrunch the same time that a couple of others did. Was third highest story until magically disappearing: I sense the hand of human intervention.


One response to Techmeme quirk

  1. Oh yeah, I was that magician. So I just pushed a huge change last night (no visible new features, but laying groundwork for new capabilities). Turns out the change exposed a bug I hadn’t foreseen that resurrected a few choice older posts. Tim’s wasn’t the only one…TechCrunch’s post on Photobucket actually led Techmeme for about one minute before I manually killed that one too. Despite it being 2AM and despite my wanting to head off to sleep, I disagnosed the problem, fixed it, pushed new code, and haven’t had to kill any zombies since. Phew.