Thank god for the end of daylight savings

March 29, 2006

One thing that Sh*t’s me about living in the Wait Awhile staight (WA) is the lack of daylight savings. Apparently the curtains faid, the cows milk sour, and all that sh*te. Anyhow, this is the good time of the year. Because the US goes to summer time, from 2 April 2006. At the same time, SA, Vic, NSW and Tasmania go off it. Why is this so important to me? Well at last, my partners are much more easier to hook up with. Darren (in Melbourne) is 2 hours a head. Shai is 1 1/2 hours. Jeremy is 11 hours. We can meet up at a much better time now that I’m 12 hours ahead (exactly) of NY. The fun time of the year.