Thanks To Bunbury Fire And Flood

July 27, 2007 — Leave a comment

In an age of crap customer service and people who don’t care, every now and then you encounter a company that bucks the trend.

At 10am PST this morning (1am AWST) I got an email from my wife indicating that the hose behind the fridge had broken and that a good portion of the house was ankle deep in water. I Googled Bunbury Flood Help from the other side of the world and found Bunbury Fire and Flood. She who must be obeyed rang them and they were there within 45 minutes with industrial water vacuums etc… and they were nice about it as well. The service includes a dehumidifier and floor board repairs as well.

So a quick thanks to Bunbury Fire and Flood. I hope we’ll never ever need to use again, but I’m more than happy to recommend you to others in need.