The Big Brother lie

April 23, 2007

Just watching Big Brother now (Monday night: WIN WA is actually showing it this year, so I don’t have to pray for TEN coverage from Perth). Gretel Killeen has at least 3 times referred to the entry of the housemates as being “last night” or “24 hours later” in referral to the 2 about to go in, despite the fact that news reports clearly state that the show was recorded Saturday night, not Sunday night which is when it screened…short version, house mates have been in the house 48 hours. So spot question: do the producers just take viewers for being dumb? even though the target demographic is the MOST switched on and online, and would know the difference? I suppose ironically that some will saw that people who watch such fodder are dumb themselves, which makes me guilty (I watch little TV, but last year, after a 3 year break I was hooked, when you don’t get network TV for that long, you get hooked). Food for thought.

One response to The Big Brother lie

  1. Hmmm thats interesting!