The fat lady has a hidden feature

June 22, 2006

I wrote yesterday that I wasn’t all that impressed with the new Opera browser, at least not enough to consider switching, but I did find a nifty feature that I think I’ll be using on a regular basis, and that’s the built in Bittorrent client that comes with Opera.

I wanted to download a video yesterday (I won’t say what it was…suffice to say it was an episode of one of my favourite shows I missed the other night…but for which the network that produces it gets plenty of revenue from me by my SMS voting anyways 🙂 ) and thought I’d give Opera a whirl….loving it…far better than the bloatware Azureus has become. It was quick (sure, it still took 6 hours to download, but on Azureus it would have taken 12), but more importantly for me it didn’t interfere in my other activities in terms of accessing the web, where as when I’m using Azureus it’s nearly impossible to visit other websites. So although you get the browser as well….you do get one very slick, clean, and feature free (which is good, I don’t know what most of the stuff on Azureus does other than take up space) Bitttorrent client. The fat lady’s voice just got better 🙂