The First Softbelly Inquisitr MTUB Poker Night

February 8, 2010 — 4 Comments

Per the earlier post on a Melb poker night, I loved the idea so much we’re now sponsoring it.

32 people. We’ve gone from 9 to 18 today. If you’re in Melbourne, and have avoided MTUB, or are a regular, either way come down. It’s free, and there is free prizes for those who register. I’m hoping a free drink for all, then after that a prize for the winner, not sorted yet, but it will happen.

The thing I love about Poker is that it’s the great equalizer, even vs MTUB itself. You sit on a table with folks, you get to know them. Full stop.

Come join us for a fun night even if you’ve only played a couple of times. It’s a friendly night, with the opp for you to meet a pile of ppl.

Register here.