The last semi-regular Inquisitr numbers

June 9, 2009 — 4 Comments

This post is the last-semi regular report of The Inquisitr numbers, and not just because the post before this was the 1500th in this incarnation of (there was one before.)

I’m all for transparency, but likewise the figures wont be that exciting now. We roughly got to where we wanted to be (and it’s competitive with a range of sites), and now I’m guessing stats will be a bit roller coster-ish like. We’re bound to have some downs and ups. As always, the aim of the game is to go up, and I’m confident we well….although probably not this month, because of May:

Inquisitr page views May: 2,711,245

Record month, by a margin of about 300-400k.

We’ve had some big changes in terms of writing staff over the last rough 2 months, and as always a change is as good as a holiday. Forward we go to bigger numbers. For those who enjoyed the stats before; you know more about us than many do. I’ll endevour to be as transparent as can be, but likewise, I have no wish to send you all to sleep.