Travel Plans: Seattle, LA in August

July 3, 2008 — 6 Comments

I finally have some dates booked for August.

I’ll be in Seattle for my first ever Gnomedex from the afternoon of August 18 through to August 25. I’ll be in Los Angeles from the afternoon of August 25 until late night August 27.

Why the stopoever? Did you know Qantas allows one free stopover if you do a US booking? I’d read it before when making bookings but I could never work out how to book one…now I did. I picked LA because I’ve never been there aside from the airport to and from Vegas. The other two choices were Hawaii or Vancover…I know, LA is an odd choice, but you’ve got to do it once.

If anyone wants a meet up when I’m in Seattle let me know. I plan on playing tourist for at least 1 day in LA, but I hopefully will get to meet up with a few people (yes Sean Percival, I’m thinking of you) as well for the short time I’m there. I might even have to rock up at Mahalo for a tour! 🙂

Update: I should have added, tickets are still available for Gnomedex here. Attendees list also on the same page, great list of people, most I’ve never met.