Vale Technorati

May 23, 2007

Vale Technorati. The much loved blog search engine is no more, reborn as…well….something that isn’t a blog search engine any more. Steve Rubel suggests that Google killed Technorati but I’m sure he’s mixing this up with the Ask $100m algorithm campaign. The only one going to get killed there is Crispin, Porter + Bogusky when IAC’s Barry Diller wakes up to the fact that a search engine with next to no brand awareness needs a campaign that builds brand recognition and not some smart-arsed attempt at a viral campaign. The Algorithm might be great but it makes no difference if no one even knows who Ask is.

But back to Technorati, if it isn’t a blog search engine and it isn’t a Google style search engine, what is it? There’s a lot to like in the new layout and functionality even if I’m lost for words in trying to describe it. My only advice: who ever thought of a ticker, take my advice and fall on your sword now! 🙂

One response to Vale Technorati

  1. Duncan, I agree and disagree

    I don’t really care for the new Fluffy-rati, but the googlyfied is cool…