Valleywag plays the race card for clicks

March 23, 2006

I suppose calling Gawker Media’s gossip blogs low rent would be stating the obvious, but playing the race card on a mix up of images at Google Finance is lower still again with this article:
Google Finance doesn’t care about black people
I saw it in my tech.memeorandum subscription and automatically thought: huge race based scandal at Google, worth a look. It was just a wrong picture. Wow! huge story (not). But juice it up with a race card in a headline and that equals clicks.

Now I suppose in the past I’ve been “creative” with some headlines, but I’ve usually had something of substance to back it up. This is just plain dumb.

And while I’m at it, was is America’s obsession with race any way? I was chatting on Skype to Aaron Brezell the other day and he mentioned it was St Patricks Day. My response was “is it?”. He asked whether we celebrate it here or not. I guess some people do. It would be an excuse to drink Guiness after all. But the whole ethnic identy, African-American, Korean-American, Marsian-American….thing I just don’t get. I can remember watching an episode on OZ on SBS last year, and one of the prisoners was of some sort of Irish background, but he was probably like 5th or 10th generation American, and yet he paraded around his “Irishness”. The Irish terrorist comes to the jail and thinks he’s a complete joke. Now I’m not begrudging anyone celebrating there ancestory, but shouldn’t you guys all be just plain old “Americans” first?. Most Australian’s don’t think in this way, we are just plane old Australians. Personally it makes for a more cohesive society. Doesn’t matter if your background is Asian, African, English, what ever, we’re just happy to be Australian’s. Maybe the US would be a better place if you followed our lead 🙂