Vox looking good

June 8, 2006

voxI was fortunate enough to receive an invite overnight from Anil Dash to SixApart’s new blogging/ social networking tool Vox (previously known as Comet).

I’ve just had a quick play with it. Initial thoughts:

1. Vox has the potential to be a big hit. It works quickly, presents well, and has some nice features.

2. The navigation options are a little confusing at first, but then again I’m someone who struggles to work out MySpace as well, so it could be just me.

3. My invite was to a “starter account” which is basically gives you the ability to comment on other peoples posts, manage friends and set up a profile. I’m not quite sure what use it is though, hopefully I’ll eventually get an invite to the “standard account” that has all the bells and whistles on it.

Is this a MySpace killer? Probably not, but in terms of reaching a broader audience for SixApart, particularly Generation Y and the MySpace crowd, with a bit of luck and some shrewd marketing, I can see this service going gang busters for SixApart, and possibly taking a big chunk of market share in this space, particularly now we are seeing news reports that MySpace users are finding that service “too mainstream” and are starting to look at other services.

In summary: think Flickr combined with social networking, blogging and tagging = Vox.

Very nice indeed. Congrats to the SixApart team on a product that shows a lot of promise.

PS: My Vox page is at http://nichenet.vox.com

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3 responses to Vox looking good

  1. Sounds cool, wish I’d get an invite soon. Anyways how come there are no screenies??

    I still don’t understand what Vox is really about.

  2. Vox has a simple but nifty book-tracking feature. But you can’t backup your book data or move it to a full-powered personal library ap. So I wrote a script to do that:


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