Wait, What???

March 11, 2010

pacific war fail

When did the War in the Pacific become the “lesser known theater” of WW2?

Seriously, are these people retarded?

10 responses to Wait, What???

  1. Yes, these people are retarted

  2. Especially when you consider that the United States' first battle of World War II was in the Pacific theater.

    I have never heard the Pacific part of World War II described as “lesser-known.” Or have MSNBC's writers never heard of General MacArthur, for one?

  3. From personal experience, I would definitely say the battles in the pacific aren't emphasized or taught as much. That statement sounded 100% normal to me.

  4. Some of the most important Naval battles of WWII were thought there – Battles like Iwo Jima, Battle of Midway, Battle of the Coral Sea and America's most hyped about Pearl Harbour. To say that the battles in the Pacific were lesser-known ergo, less significant is mindless banter from journalist who do not have a firm grasp on the topic they portray.

  5. they are really retarded, and when they make movie like 'hurt locker' to tell lies about their war in Iraq and Afghanistan they are big retards. they show how they are putting their lives on sake to defend their country, but in reality they are loosing this war. Muslims are killing them but they never tell anything to their people. well if someone will interfere in your house what would you do? obviously you will try to push them back or kill them. thats what muslims doing.

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