Web 2.0: it’s not a bubble, it’s the start of a storm

August 21, 2006 — 3 Comments

Australians are often fond of the saying that we call a spade a (insert strong expletive here) shovel.

Web 2.0 is, according to many, entering a bubble. And yet bubbles are these nice rounded things that kids make from plastic $2 made in China kits which eventually burst.

Sure, Web 1.0 was a bubble, it was sort of nice whilst it lasted but it did actually burst.

Web 2.0 isn’t going to burst, but a whole pile of companies aren’t going to make it.

So lets call it a storm, and lets put that storm at sea.

Storms at sea cause lots of bubbles…but digress, because what I think we’re starting to see in Web 2.0 now is an impending storm. The winds are starting to rise, the sea is getting a bit rough. The weak are taking on some water and sinking (Kiko). When the storm finally hits, only the fit will survive, and when it passes they will emerge stronger than ever, with a pile of profits, decent business plans and rosey futures.

This is Web 2.0.