What next, and a final word on silence

November 27, 2006 — 14 Comments

Just catching up on some 2 weeks worth of reading, strangely enough some of it about myself. A couple of people have asked “what next”, the simple answer is I don’t know at this stage. I’ve spoken to a couple of people about different things, and I’ve got as many emails to follow up on as well. Given it’s less than one month to Christmas (that’s Christmas, not the holidays ppl!…that was really annoying in the States) I’m not going to rush anything, although I might start exploring a few different ideas and things, some with others, some by myself. Not surprisingly, I won’t be doing a blog network again, not only because I’ve probably got a dose of once bitten, twice shy, but because legally I can’t…which isn’t a bad thing I think given I honestly think the boat has probably sailed there now anyway. Either way, once I do start doing some new things, I will share.

And a final word, I’ve read some of the speculation in relation to my departure from b5media, a couple of people wanting to know more, and one person even going so far as to imply I’m a hypocrite (in as many words) given how big I am on disclosure and being upfront about things. What I will say is that there is a legal reason to my silence, and as much as I wish I could come clean and speak the truth but I can’t go into the details.