What’s a blog and forum worth?

April 27, 2006

I sold two sites today. Weblog Empire for $1k USD and Coupon Weblog.com for $250. It took one and a half hours. Scary. Scary in that they could have been worth easily more. Scary in that even relatively non maintained sites can be worth so much. I’ve still got a long list of fun/ trial/ experiment sites I could sell… given these prices, well the ducted gas heating at $6k AUD is looking a distinct possibility 🙂

But the question then arises? what is a blog worth. When I sold the Blog Herald it was a really hard question. Anything above $10k is a hard sale…really. But even smaller blogs? PR6 blog? Is it worth $1k, $2k, $5k???? interesting question.

What I do hope (oddly enough) is that we see more blog sales, because we need to establish a proper market for blogs, and then we can establish a market price.

4 responses to What’s a blog and forum worth?

  1. Hmmm….1K & 250? I think a bit too less. It appears that you just wanted to get rid of them soon. You could have got 2K on Weblog empire, the domain is very creative if you ask me. 😀

    As for the worth, we all have a good idea of what you sold BH for.:p The value of a website depends on a lot of factors which are completely different than those measured for a website…

    Website:: PR, Ad Revenue, the like/
    Blog:: Reputation, Comments and the like…

  2. Congradulations on your sale. I visited Weblog Empire and I think $1k USD is not a bad price but the website had some decent visitors and maybe if you had tried a bit more you could get better price.

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  4. I figure from an advertising revenue point of view a blog brings in 1.4 cents per unique visitor (based on some wild guesses and some soft data from blogging for money sites).

    So, if was can assume a business asset is worth 5 times yearly earnings, then:

    Blog value in cents = 5 x (unique daily visitors x 365 x 1.4 cents)

    It’s a rough as guts but it is a start.

    So if this blog, for example, gets 500 unique visitors per day, then it is worth about $12,775.