Where else to live

June 16, 2006

If the day should come, that I’d needed to live elsewhere, I’ve been wondering where I should go. Aside from living in WA, this is my short list. Overseas really isn’t a consideration, besides the fact I still don’t hold a current passport, I still can’t see my self living in another country, unless some one pays me a sh*t load of money. So the picks:

1. Byron Bay
2. Gold Coast
3. Sydney

Byron is at the top because despite the fact that it’s been 10 years since I’ve been there, it’s still the only time in my entire life that I found harmony. Harmony in terms of relaxation, if only for a short time. Byron is amazing, but it would be an expensive town to buy into. Maybe Nimbin or somewhere close by? who knows.

I was never a big fan of the Gold Coast until I went there on my recent holdiay. Sure, I love the fact that the shops are open till 9pm…but it had a nice vibe, and I know people there.

Sydney, my home town, and I know a pile of people there. The question of course with Sydney is where to live in Sydney, a city of some 4 million + (maybe more) people. I’m a Shire boy, and would I return to the Shire, who knows. I spent some time many years ago with a friend who was living on the North Shore, Lane Cove to be precise, and the proximety to town was very, very nice. Maybe….

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3 responses to Where else to live

  1. Byron is a hole man. Absolutely nothing to do there but smoke weed (If thats your thing).

    Come to Sydney, best city in the world – just ignore the traffic 🙁

  2. From the point of view that I was born in Sydney, grew up on the Gold Coast for 15 years, went to boarding school in Toowoomba, now live/work in Brisbane and visit the Byron Bay region every couple of weeks to go for a surf the one thing I can say for certain is avoid the Gold Coast. Living there and visiting is an entirely different equation more so than most cities. The Goldy is great in small doses, anything more and the lustre wears thin. As well as this from a business point of view rightly or wrongly it is still not taken seriously and is associated with shady deals. Brisbane is honestly a more liveable and affordable city that is growing like crazy with the benefit of being 50 minutes down the road from the GC when you need your fix of the good bits of the Gold Coast lifestyle. Byron would be a great choice as well. Maybe living in a township just outside or on a small property would be more desirable but that entire Northern NSW region is getting very pricey at the moment with the success of the massive Salt development at Kingscliffe.