Where should I go on holidays?

April 29, 2006 — 13 Comments

I need some help!

I need to go on some holidays. I need a rest. Totally.

But there is another reason. My mother in law is coming to stay. Suffice to say since she hung around after the birth of my son for 7 weeks and wouldn’t go home we haven’t got on so well. Which is ashame really, because I use to love her. But now…well, she interferes.

She who must be obeyed has agreed that it’s better that I’m not at home when the mother in law visits. 12-20 May. The question is where to go. North America and Europe is to far. I can probably get a new passport in a week or so. So Asia is in the mix. Oddly enough I can get a package with Airfares and accommodation to Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan cheaper than I can do similar to Sydney. I can get cheaper again to Bali, but I’m not going to Indonesia….no self respecting Australian would.

So here’s the question.

I’m tempted to go to my old home town Sydney. I’m also looking at Cairns. Nice and warm. But there is a pile of places in Asia that sound good.

Can anyone tell me what’s good?