Wii…I’m disapointed

August 24, 2006

This from the Beeb. I haven’t personally owned a game console since the Atari 2600, and yet I was really, really looking forward to the Wii, it sounds like the sort of console a non-console gamer like me would want, and yet if the beeb article is correct it will come in at around $420 AUD…just a little bit to much for my liking, if it was $299 or similar I’d be tempted, but I’m not paying over $400 dollars for a gaming machine when my main PC and my Win XP MCE box already do games really well (note on the MCE box when I do play games, its Mame stuff, like the original arcade version of Outrun). Then again, I could win lotto?! 🙂

2 responses to Wii…I’m disapointed

  1. I bought a N64 last week, $50 for 6 games and two controllers 🙂