Will WordCamp result in a new blogging elite

August 6, 2006 — 9 Comments

I’ve been following a fair bit of WordCamp coverage online today, and I can’t help but think: is this the start of the new blogging elite? and I mean that in a positive way, not a negative, after all, there’s no Dave Winer, Robert Scoble or the other usual suspects at this conference. Sure, you’ve got the newly VC funded Om Malik, but if anything Om is new guard, not old guard. Wish I could have been there, some great speakers, people I’ve been following in the Blogosphere but aren’t part of the old guard like Prince Campbell (chartruse)…..it’s bloody great stuff. Viva la new guard! Lets just hope this is the first of many new guard conferences to come…I might even be able to eventually discover how to get on a plane and attend one 🙂