Yahoo and MyBlogLog: too little, too late

May 14, 2007

Michael Arrington writes at TechCrunch that Yahoo moving to upgrade MyBlogLog. Yawn. Too little, too late.

They had a product that had a huge amount of buzz and penetration. Just about every site I regularly visit was using the service and yet today I’m actually surprised when I see one of their sidebar widgets. With security, privacy, spam and performance issues MyBlogLog was a bubble that burst far more quickly than others. From the company that bought Flickr I guess I expected better. MyBlogLog could well be for Yahoo what Dodgeball was for Google.


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2 responses to Yahoo and MyBlogLog: too little, too late

  1. Agree – Its a shame Yahoo has moved a little to slow on this one. Its had potential. It just needed a little cleaning up, but, now its just getting to be a haven for the wrong end of the web.

    Example – it’s been touted that the only way to leverage MyBlogLog is to have an Avatar with exposed female flesh. This level of audience just isn’t going to appeal to the business community etc.

    Mind you I think MyBlogLog was doomed before Yahoo brought them. It just seems a little too immature and Myspacish.

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