Yahoo! to buy AOL?

October 30, 2006

Fortune reports that Yahoo! is in talks with Time Warner to acquire AOL. Naturally it makes business sense but every time one of the bigger companies are gobbled up, that’s one less major site/ competitor out there, and further consolidates internet traffic at the top. OK, so we all know the barrier to entry onto the web is low, but every day it gets harder and harder, indeed even impossible to start a new service that would seriously be able to compete with the existing players. Where as Google came around at the right time, there probably will never be another Google, baring some magical technology advance, and given Google is still the leader in search the chances of someone else coming up with it is next to zero.

3 responses to Yahoo! to buy AOL?

  1. I know it feels like “there’ll never be another…” but before Google we thought there’d never be another Microsoft. There’s always something we don’t know about just around the corner.

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    […] I don’t like this idea and it probably has more to do with how Duncan (thanks for the tip)?É‚Äö?Ç feels about it as well. It just means one less player in the market to keep everyone on their toes. I’ve shared my thoughts before on AOL, and think that getting out of the ISP market and move purely into the content arena is exactly where AOL needs to be now. I believe they should really try to move themselves into any content that could be considered popular in America. The epicenter of pop-culture if you will. Really capitalize on becoming the idea behind being “America: Online”. […]