YouTube Hacked!

June 2, 2006

Just went to view a video at YouTube, and got this screen:


There also appears to be music playing at the site as well.Not sure of the extent of it, whether accounts have been compromised or not, but certainly someone must be asleep at YouTube HQ at the moment.

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Update: the music was on another page, not YouTube.

Further Update: it looks as though the hacking was a very poor attempt at humour by the YouTube team with this being posted:

UPDATE: No, we haven’t been hacked. Get a sense of humor.

UPDATE 2: Apparently we can’t spel.

UPDATE 3: Please stop calling the office, we’re trying to work in here

That’s the way to keep yourself onside with your users, put up a spoof hack attack. Any one for Yahoo Video??

13 responses to YouTube Hacked!

  1. yeah i just saw this to…wtf mate?

  2. I think they’re just updating it. Look at the page source code

  3. Chauncey Gardner June 2, 2006 at 11:16 am

    Where’s my YouTube? Hacked, indeed.

  4. looks like it has something to do with certain videos with copyright, porno content and so … they must be collapsed with “critic” content in their site .. maybe doing a big clean up

  5. This wasn’t a hack. Before this error page went live they had an announcement on the top of every page that they were doing scheduled maintenance at 9 PDT. You could go work in mainstream media any day with this kind of “reporting” Duncan.

  6. I actually looked at the source code when I saw that page, it said the website was under construction 😀

  7. Hahaha… So Chad and Steve do have a sense of humour after all… Did not know that.

    As far as hacking youtube goes though, this is nothing compared to what people have been doing to get in to the top of the “Most Viewed” sections lately.


  9. Yes just now i have gotten an error message on an accidental misspelling or words (virs) and it said: we are having tecnical difficultys a group of highly trianed monkeys are working on the problem.

  10. HaNG?Ѭ? salaQ HAcklendi?Ñ??ini Zanedebilir

  11. thATS an old joke you stupid kid, just google it “all your base are belong to us”

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