Mozilla sucks

August 15, 2006

Mozilla sucks! I feel better now.

Why? well isn’t open source suppose to be about being open, flexible and giving users a choice? Then why is it that it’s near on IMPOSSIBLE to take email from Thunderbird and use it in another program…but before ppl jump up and down, saying thats the fault of other program makers, it isn’t, because Thunderbird doesn’t have an export facility for email, whilst oddly enough nearly every single other email client (including Microsoft products) out there does! I think since yesterday, when I finally threw my hands up in the air at the continual problems I have been having with Thunderbird, I’ve wasted something like 6-8 hours trying to get my email out of Thunderbird and into Outlook. During this time I’ve downloaded 3 other email clients, 4 so-called conversion programs, and managed to pick up some nice computer viruses (or should that be virii) along the way…grrrr. I’m sticking with Firefox, but Thunderbird be damned!

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  1. Duncan,

    I love Firefox but I’ve always stucked with Outlook (Outlook, not Outlook Express)- it’s a very powerful app for me and so far it’s done everything I expected of it – and I’m pretty demanding.

  2. obviously I’m not a total dufus in that I prefer Outlook over Firefox (that doesn’t make sense)- what I meant was that I use Firefox for my browsing and Outlook for my email.

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    This stuff is new to me… but you can teach an old horse a few new tricks… any ideas would be appreciated.


  4. Cynthia – One way not to go about it: comment spam 🙂

  5. Sorry… I don’t understand…If I had enough e-mails to “The View” to be considered spam… then
    I might as well run for president…
    Please offer something helpful..
    Thank you.

  6. Why? well isn’t open source suppose to be about being open, flexible and giving users a choice?

    Open source/free software is about having the source code available with few limitation so everyone can freely copy, modify, and tinker with that piece of software.

    It is about being open, but I fail to see how it explicitly implies being flexible and giving users choices. Well, users do have a choice which they don’t have when they use a proprietary software — they can scratch their own itches because the source code is there.

    Now. Download the Thunderbird tarball and get start hacking 🙂

  7. Cynthia
    bs you don’t understand, you’re comment spamming me

  8. Duncan,

    I’m not sure if Cynthia is BS or just doesn’t understand … or, maybe is just too stupid.

    And then to say…
    “Please offer something helpful..” like it’s our duty – more so that what she’s asking has nothing to do with the post.

    BTW, are you done with the Thunderbird transition yet? 🙂

  9. I recently downloaded Mozilla Firefox to upload photos onto my Blog. It worked without a hitch. Even an idiot like myself can see value in that… Careful I’m probably old enough to be your mother.

  10. Sorry Cynthia,
    I love Firfox, despite the fact that every new release seems to have more bugs than the previous version, but the rest of their products just aren’t up to scratch.

  11. Both Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird suck really bad. Mozilla takes way too long to load and it crashes very often. It does weird things that pisses me off. Though the irony is it often runs better than IE for a few things. I dont even use ThunderBird cause it hangs my system.

    Meanwhile Mozilla claims it’s finished loading, yet it keeps trying to read this url called “” and it’s lagging my system as I type this. I wish there was a viable alternitive. IE, Firefox and Opera all suck. Id like the drugs the Mozilla people have been smoking when they say it’s awesome. Hell, Id love the hardware they have cause obviously you have to have a catrillions Gigabytes of memory for it to run okay. The only reason IE is more stable and less crash prone is because it’s all intergrated into Windows and Windows it calling IE all the time anyway. Stop using Windows? Nah.. I’ll have to buy a extremely expensive mac and the one I can afford sucks.

    Sorry if you consider this comment spam. I’m kind of a n00b at commenting on blogs and I lack social skills. Now I hope it’ll stop reading “” cause it’s creeping me out. Very spyware like. In fact.. I think I should scan for some.