Nearly time to give up on

May 4, 2007



A storm in a tea cup beaten up to be the leading news story. Lets see: Channel Ten new Kate had suffered from a still birth, but she’d CLEARLY told them it was in the past, and that she was over it. Big Brother re-runs a housemate task from the first series, caring for a (plastic) baby. Kate goes mental, BB withdraws the task (the right decision). Now it’s a sadistic ratings grab? We don’t have a News Corp tabloid in WA, but if we did I’d stop buying it, and I’m sick and tired of this rubbish at as well. Thank god for the Sydney Morning Herald as the quality alternative.

4 responses to Nearly time to give up on

  1. Pretty standard sensationalism for who can often be relied on to make a big story out of nothing and to miss important stuff

  2. Mate,

    Love the smh, its my local rag, however, they have recently had some “new developments”, which could be described as interesting to say the last from an outsiders perspective …..

    Two of note, Firstly they are going to have the size of their pages reduced and secondly they have announced via their rival news corp media outlets that they are going to be merging the production staff of The Sydney Morning Herald and The Sun Herald, axing up to 35 jobs.

    A simpleton/outsider like myself is going yep, their goes the neighborhood….

  3. I hate such “human sensations”. They make people sufferings public

  4. Duncan if I remember correctly, BB did something similar for the first Aussie installment and it was fine and created no sensation. BB is just an easy target these days which is unfortunate as it does have entertainment value.
    I guess the only thing that BB could have/should have done is to give forewarning to the housemante concerned about the task, or at least get an prior idea of how she’d react.