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December 5, 2006 — 5 Comments

My old hunting ground, The Blog Herald, has been sold again. Although I’ve been aware of it being on the market for 6 odd weeks, I’ve got no idea who Blog Media sold it to.

It’s weird really that the site has sold again. Twice in 12 months. It’s not that long ago that selling blogs was a totally foreign concept to everyone, indeed the marketplace was even fairly limited when I sold the site. As anyone knows who watches these things (I’m still a blog news junkie, although it’s not as bad as a use to be) blog sales are a dime a dozen these days, one only has to take a look at Sitepoint to see blogs regularly coming onto the market and being sold.

Kudos to Matt Craven on his excellent job as editor of The Blog Herald for these last 11 months. I can’t imagine that it would have been easy taking over the 400 pound beast, coupled with the fact that prior to sale The Blog Herald has statistically had it’s best ever 6 months, and secondly with a whole pile of people watching to see how you went. It was a difficult task for which I sincerely believe he rose to the occasion.

Kudos also to David Krug. After the nightmare of using a third person to sell The Blog Herald in the first place you’d think that I would have been dead against the practice, but Krug’s sale of The Blog Herald follows a string of deals he has negotiated, including numerous sales of smaller blogs. If anyone in our industry deserves the mantle of top blog salesman it would be Krug. Indeed, if he can stay out of Mexican jails long enough, I think he may have found his calling.

I guess with this sale now that I’m free to write on blogging news again. There was never a written non-compete agreement when I sold The Blog Herald, indeed it was never really discussed, but certainly I always took it as a fair given, a gentlemans agreement that I wouldn’t compete with The Blog Herald as owned by Blog Media. Naturally that loyalty doesn’t extend to the new owners, who ever they may be. Does this mean I’m going to rush out and start a Blog Herald competitor? no, but it does become an option in the what I’m going to do next list. Personally I don’t think there could ever be another Blog Herald for me, but having said that writing, and reporting still runs through my blood, and news junkies work best with an outlet. Food for thought.


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