December 5, 2006 — 1 Comment

Thought your traffic was good? We’ll I’m not about to add a pinch of salt to everyone’s idea of good traffic, but a f*cking great big truck load of it: Perez Hilton did 3.97 million unique viewers in 1 day. Not page views, not visitors, but uniques. I’d guess that that’s probably higher on average than the entire Gawker Media or Weblogs Inc networks over an average day, and certainly it’s way more that many of the smaller blog networks traffic put together. How in the world Perez hasn’t been either bought by one of the big media companies, or even used this traffic to build his own network is a wonder in itself. Congrats to Perez though, credit where it’s due. Some more perspective:


That’s Perez rising above 2 of Australia’s largest websites,, and The Sydney Morning Herald.