The case for full feeds changing?

April 29, 2006

Darren over at Problogger does his first vidcast, and what can I say other than cool bananas! I so want to give this a shot soon as well. But if you sit through it he reveals a couple of interesting points.

1. Since he went to full feeds, his traffic and comments have dropped. That’s right Scoble, the community has been diminished by the full feed
2. Using CPM advertising via feedburner he’s actually slightly up on revenue.

And 2 is the pertinent point. I’m not a feedburner user, I’ve always had trust issues about pushing my readers on any blog to a third party, but according to Darren feedburner may have finally cracked the RSS feed advertising tipping point and be able to return reasonable CPM rates for RSS feeds.

It’s enough to finally make me sit up and take notice.

I still see full feeds as taking from the community, in terms of comments and leverage from any site, but in a pure business sense, if Darren can actually make more from a full feed….well all of a sudden they look a whole lot better don’t they!

3 responses to The case for full feeds changing?

  1. I’m not sold. Their’s a bit of misnomer here. I ran a test of feedburner ads on the blog herald and the ctr is great for a bit. Than it idles down. We were making about 40 bucks or so on a site that pushes a lot of traffic and has a massive readership base. Truthfully the only people who should expect to garnish a decent income outside of a few pizzas and a pitcher of beer are people like the NYTimes, or Michael Arrington. The rest of us should stick to partial feeds.

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