9rules is like MySpace….someones got a big head

August 8, 2006 — 2 Comments


Now 9rules has a lot more revenue options than it did when we first launched simply because of the new avenues we have opened up and that is something that I don?ɬ¢?¢‚Äö¬¨?¢‚Äû¬¢t think could?ɬ¢?¢‚Äö¬¨?¢‚Äû¬¢ve been done if we solely focused on advertising and monetizing things. Same can be said with Myspace. Instead of worrying what?ɬ¢?¢‚Äö¬¨?¢‚Äû¬¢s the best place to put an ad they have the enviable task of figuring out how to monetize a site with 60 million people involved