Are Apple Stores a Waste of Space?

August 4, 2007 — Leave a comment

One of the last things I did in San Francisco before leaving Wednesday local time was go shopping. It’s not New York but they have a Macys so the golden child has some great polo tops for summer (how is it that I can buy 3 Polo Ralph Loren tops in the US for less than 1 in Australia…go figure).

I visited the Apple store twice.P1010942

First time I thought this is mad, I’ll come back later. Second time it was just as mad.

Was it bad though?

Well for starters they don’t stock a firewire webcam…I know they’ve discontinued the iSight but surely they could stock a third party firewire cam. No such luck, and yet half (maybe more) of USB cams don’t work with a Mac (ie: mine…well at least properly anyway).

Here’s my thing, strictly from a customer perspective. Fighting to see computers and iPhones and others things isn’t a pleasant shopping experience. Not being able to get help isn’t a pleasant shopping experience. Having to put my name on a list and wait to be called for further advice isn’t a pleasant shopping experience.

OK, so it wasn’t as retarded as the AT&T store I visited the day I got there. That was awful; rude staff and being yelled at that to get served you had to put your name on the waiting list. It made you’re average Telstra Shop feel like a Gucci Store.

Overall: after having visited an Apple store you come to understand why buying online has that much more appeal. They need to either make bigger stores + hire more staff, or get out of shop front retail. Cool products don’t stay cool forever if the retail purchasing experience is 3rd rate.